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Corporate Services 

Healthy employees are happy employees! Sinéad provides employers with evidenced-based nutrition programmes, seminars or employee clinics, either online or in-person, designed to improve employee health, happiness and performance. 


Nutrition Seminars/Webinars 

Our fun and interactive nutrition seminars can be delivered as one-off sessions or as part of a series. Topics can be tailored based on employees needs and cover a wide range of topics such as nutrition for optimal performance, women's health, food and mood, heart health, healthy eating with a busy life and much more!

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Employee Consultation Clinics 

When it comes to nutrition one size doesn't fit all. Individual, confidential, personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice for employees. These sessions can be once off or a series of consultations. We provide tools to support the employee in reaching their goal through changes in diet and lifestyle. 


Nutrition Programmes/Challenges 

Challenges are a fun and engaging way to promote healthy eating habits and foster a sense of community among colleagues. The challenge starts off with an initial introduction seminar to the basis of nutrition. Employees are typically in teams to encourage communication and collaboration among participants. Challenges can be tailored to meet your employees. Participants was track habits and progress. 

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